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  • Heat pump dryer
  • Heat pump dryer
  • Heat pump dryer
  • Heat pump dryer
  • Heat pump dryer
  • Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer

Application Materials: Rose, potato, seafood, dehydrated vegetables, sunflower seeds, peanut , meat, sausages, tobacco, leather, wolfberry, dried fruits, golden sunflower, mosquito-repellent incense, tribute incense, cloth, clothing, food grains, noodles, dried bean, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, medicines, paper, wood, seeds, sludge, gypsum, metal products, metallurgical products, mining by-products, chemical products, FGD gypsum, clay, grass, tobacco, pulverized coal, coal, lignite drying.

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The sterilization machine is made of chambers, covers, wedge locks, rails, trays, steam sprayer and many tubes. The covers are sealed with high temperature resistance inflatable silicone rubber seals, it is reliable and with long service life.


1.It adopts closed circulating structure, the heat is cycled from the wet air. The energy efficiency is 3.0 or higher. It is high efficient and energy-saving.

Adopting Danfoss brand commercial compressors, the quality is stable and high efficiency.

2.With integrated design and circulating fans, control system, it is convenient to install and operate.

3.The moisture and temperature can be controlled automatically. It is high automatic.

4.It adopts electricity as heating source, the production area is clean. It is environment friendly.

5.Unique heat exchanger, compact and elegant structure

6.Support 24 hours working, free from weather effect

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