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  • Mushroom production line

Mushroom production line

Applicable Materials:Mushroom, oyster mushroom, coprinus comatus, pleurotus eryngii, flammulina velutipes, fungus etc edible mushroom.

The production line is designed according to the mushroom production processing technology, adopting automatic intelligent method. It is adjustable from the materials loading and unloading. The high automatic degree and can save labour and improve clean environment. Adopting hot air circulating drying can reduce the energy consumption and improve the benefit in most degree.

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The Production line adopts automatic assembly line, intelligent conveyor control, hot air circulating drying, microwave sterilization, cooling discharging packaging. The whole production is adjustable according to actual production process needs.

Technological process

Loading→material distribution conveyor→sieving sorting→winnowing impurity→manual selection→steam plaster→hot air drying→material cooling→microwave sterilizing→weighing→carton

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